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Learning English naturally

Would you like to be more confident when speaking English ?
Do you feel panick when you hear the familiar questions ‘Do you speak English ?
Do you need extra help with your school work ?
But how can we actually learn English effectively ?

Learning English just as effortlessly as your mother tongue

Speaking, speaking and speaking !

With the natural method* speaking English comes naturally. It is the most effective way of learning a language that never fails. There is no secret to it, it’s enough to look at the way children learn their mother tongue. The idea is the same: immersing ourselves in the world of English language. The focus is on being surrounded and immersed in the language.

Speaking a foreign language can be quite scary, however, it is the most important step in becoming fluent and proficient. It requires regular and systematic practice. This is exactly why the English & YOU method is based on 65% active speaking and listening to native speakers, while only 35% is spent on grammar practice.

We don’t study the language or memorize lists of words and rules to be able to perfectly ace a test. This is not to say that grammar is not important. It is an essential building block and without it we can’t get far. But grammar alone doesn’t get us far either! So we incorporate grammar to support the knowledge with a correct and strong foundation. 

Therefore, we listen to podcasts, interviews, videos, music in English to interialise the accent and vocabulary, read articles, stories and then we speak, speak and speak so more.

* The Natural Approach is a language learning theory developed by linguist and researcher Drs. Stephen Krashen of USC and Tracy Terrell of the University of California, San Diego in the 1970s.


  • Do you need a little help to do better at your English classes at school ?
  • Would you like to have more courage and confidence to speak English ?
As we all know, English is an essential subject not only for your studies but also for your future life and career. It is therefore important not to fall behind and to get a strong start for your future.

Objectives :
Extra help with school work
Speaking practice to gain confidence
Clear explanation of grammar structures
Developing fluency and ease in speaking and writing

Course structure : Small group classes

Exam preparation : TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL

  • Do you need a TOEIC or IELTS certification in English as part of your studies or professional career ?
  • Are you dreaming of studying abroad and need to pass a TOEFL exam to do so ?
Objectives :
Developing the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
Anticipating difficulties in the exam
Practicing on actual practice tests
Gaining confidence in spoken English

Course structure : Private classes

Communication classes

  • Would you like to build confidence in speaking ?
  • Do you feel you know the words in your head but the words just don’t come out when you need to speak ?
The ultimate goal in learning a language is not to memorize lists of words and rules or to fill out practice tests, but to be able to use it in real-life. It’s great to understand English music, watch TV shows and read books in English.

Objectives :
Immersing ourselves in the English speaking world through engaging and fun topics
Becoming confident in speaking English
Building vocabulary
Developing fluency and ease in speaking

Course structure : Small group or private classes

Your testimonials

Anthony GIRAUD
Anthony GIRAUD
Elodie Belkorchia
Elodie Belkorchia
Au cours des 3 mois de cours avec English & you, j'ai très largement amélioré mon anglais grâce aux conseils et à l'écoute d'Ashley qui m'a proposée des exercices et une méthodologie adaptés à mon besoin mais aussi en lien direct avec mon univers professionnel. Si vous cherchez un cous de qualité, n'hésitez plus !
Christelle Cherensac
Christelle Cherensac
Mes filles ont beaucoup apprécié leur stage cette semaine. Ashley est très accessible, elle leur a redonné confiance et leur a permis de bien progresser.
Isabelle Pagnon
Isabelle Pagnon
Ashley est un professeur sensationnel avec un grand sens de l'écoute et de la pedagogie, qui sait s'adapter à notre niveau d'anglais et à nos objectifs sans jamais nous sentir ridicule.elle donne envie de progresser et nous en fait sentir capable.
Clémence BOUDET
Clémence BOUDET
Un professeur d'une gentillesse sans faille et qui est prêt à tout pour que ses élèves réussissent. Ashley s'adapte à tout profil et aide son élève à progresser rapidement. Je la reconseille fortement !
Enikő Soós
Enikő Soós
Great classes, very interesting and communicative. We speak a lot and my fluency has improved so much. 😊
Jihane Ouarradi
Jihane Ouarradi
Les cours été trop bien, on a eu l’occasion de parler de tout et n’importe quoi,j’espère avoir une place pour l’année prochaine !!!
Jules Beraud
Jules Beraud
The teacher is very friendly and open. Thank’s to her I have learn some very good méthodologies for oral and written.
CielleStudio Fouquet
CielleStudio Fouquet
Super génial! Mes filles adorent! Elles apprennent de multitude de choses, les mots, les chansons etc… je recommande!
Nathalie Destere
Nathalie Destere
I’ve been taking English classes with Ashley for a few months in order to train before taking one of the Cambridge University exams. I particularly appreciate her availability, her pedagogy, our exchanges and "homework" according to my level and the progress to be made. Ashley is able to provide clear and effective explanations of areas of concern. I am very happy to have met her and to take her English classes because she really helps me to project myself towards my goal.

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